Read more about our clients experience with Kim Mariotti and fitness training in Saratoga, NY.

“Kim is head and shoulders above her training peers and an awesome person all around. Her dedication, knowledge and personality make her a great trainer and a joy to work with. Kim has left a lasting impression in my life. Thank you Kim !!!
Candy O.
Porters Corners, NY

“Kim is an amazing coach. She gives me encouragement to get beyond where you think you can go. The workouts are never boring since she “mixes it up” regularly. Within a couple of weeks working with her I felt better, had more energy and actually looked forward to our session.”
Robin R.
Wilton, NY

“I found that Kim adds a special element that my workouts lack when I am on my own. I have my BEST workouts when I work with Kim.”
Michele H.
Saratoga Springs, NY

“I had three major back operations and a left knee replacement in the past 6 years. Kim spent time with me to point out what I was doing wrong and set up a strength program that would be best for me. I have found Kim to be a very capable, understanding and experienced instructor. She is without question a valuable asset to the many people she works with.”
Bob L.
Saratoga Springs, NY